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My art! not many people ever see it, but i'm glad when people do : D


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Alexander Brazell
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United States
* Icon by lucifur <3

Hi! I'm a beginner artist, I just recently picked up art again. my art style is incomplete, but it's recognizable. I'm very open to criticism, the more the merrier. I'm only ten so my grammar isn't amazing, and I'm bad at putting words together, though my native language is English. If you have any advice for me, I'd be glad to take it.

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I have permission by king-lulu-deer to use their pixels
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Sonny was finally returning to his job as a teacher, he had taken a break so he could learn to use his one good eye. he had only one eye because he was cursed. of course, he wasn't a cyclops. there was something in his left eye's place, but it's definitely not a badass eyepatch or a scar. it's a sun flower. he and any child he would have would have a flower as one of their eyes. there was still hope for the child, though. if they graduated highschool with purple magic, they would have a normal eye. if they got anything else besides purple magic, they flower would begin growing. it was a painful and even deadly process, something sonny refused to let happen to his son, Seed. Of course, seed was more of a 'right brain' he wasn't interested in  learning any kind of magic, and he was now starting his second year of highschool. he was an amazingly smart student, so he'd ended up in Sonny's class, which was only for very talented students. Seed was the youngest one there, Sonny has regained hope. But i'm getting ahead of myself, the story hasn't even begun to start, we have a lot of time before we get there. let's start at Sonny's new home.

He'd finally unpacked all of his and his son's things when there was a knock at the door, curious as to who would be knocking on the door this late, he answered the door. behind it where two almost identical bears. ''why hello!,'' the taller bear began speaking. ''I know it's late but me and my son just had to meet our new neighbors!'' Sonny chuckled, he'd finally recognized Who the bear was. it was Sandi. he had been his best friend since he barely had blue magic.  ''hOLY SHIT YOUR'E SONNY'' this caused sonny uncontrollable laughter.

uncomfortable time-skip

Sonny walked through the back door of the highschool he'd been teaching at. Nobody knew why, but teachers and staff members had to walk in through the back doors, into the cafeteria. he didn't know this at the time, but the principal, how was basically the lord of lords, had prepared for this, even  Silver had gotten a job at the highschool for this. Silver was a lion. basically the Thomas Jefferson of lords.

very brief time skip

Finally, Sonny made his way to his classroom, where he taught the smartest students at the school. most of them where ready for college, but stayed in highschool. Sonny understood this decision as the magic college that was basically the harvard of magic animals, was cheap and overall pretty abusive. Most parents of these talented students wanted them to go there anyways so they could brag to their book club that there child went there. noteable students that matter in this story where Klara, Who would be Seed's best friend, Klay, who was Seed's 'love interest character' and Sam, who didn't have a lord as a parent, but plays an important role later on in the story


big boyyy
its my birth i'm big boy now
this little mAN was drawn i ms paint, I made the bg tranparent using:
he's actually that oTHER dude from an old drawing
like the first human I uploaded here wow
his name is vitaly now because why n o t
the other dude he goes with also changed 3 times since I last drew him so I'm gonna force myself to just d o it
luka still lives on but vitaly is more fun to draw :/
I can't even use bases right
I'm working on my first ever computer animation (I've only ever used flipaclip) rip
it's being done on firealpaca because I couldn't find anything better.
until then, have a poorly edited base.
I actually like this character and using the base was a lot of fun??
base by: :iconkuteepi:
Evil elfer
I think the title should be 'I learned how to use the gradient tool'
overuse of the gradient tool and I didn't even use it correctly
Luka is only like not even a week old but I'm attached to 'er
hopefully she lasts longer than ryland
ryland isn't dead though
just I'm trying to avoid drawing r.o.s by making new characters
Captain Aaron but reuploaded
had to reupload bc I saw a white dot in his mouth and it triggered me
meet the artist(?????)
haven't been active lately because I recently started 5th grade ;-;
but hey I barely get any homework, and If the thing my math teacher is trying doesn't end in a fiery mess, I wont get any math homework this year
I put neko on her shirt there's no going back
this is one of ryland's friends(?) I said I didn't want to draw but I wanted hair practice and practice with this art style

her names is rose and she's a chubby lesbian and a //sortaa weaboo

might do r.o.s next but he's a robot ;-;
honestly I love how this turned out
I might keep using this art style honestly
the oc's name is ryland I heccin love 'er though she's only existed for 2 days
I was gonna draw the 2 characters she goes with but honestly i'm done with art in general
plus I don't feel like drawing robots

honestly didn't notice how much I said honestly lmao
Yo yo yo most of my drawings that aren't traditional are horrible rn bc school happened and I have no access to my tablet during the day smh
It's not actually fine
P old, used to love it but I've hella improved
This was like 3 days ago but still
Redesigned Jack//Ref sheet
barely changed him though :P
Jack was my first Oc and he means a lot to me, it's unlikely but if you steal him I will cut you
bad quality pupper
smh even my first drawing on here (that I did in MS paint) is better than this
Fragile as glass was loosely based off of this
smh the transp background thing happened again so had to put the green background up again


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